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Private Point

Private Point LLC Company provides a high level services of rental the aircrafts and helicopters of different configuration which guarantees a comfortable flight and individual approach to our customers in accordance their desires.

The highest level of services in airports worldwide and a comfortable transfer by premium class cars are at your disposal, which will help you to save the time considerably.


  • Rent of aircraft for business and private trips.
  • Rent of helicopters for flights over Saint Petersburg or to other cities.
  • Arrange of VIP services in airports of Saint Petersburg, Moscow and other large cities of the world.
  • Arrange of VIP transfers.


  • Private Point LLC will select the flight conditions and the aircraft satisfying in accordance with any Customers needs.
  • Our style of work is an individual approach and full confidentiality.
  • Provision of convenient travel time and comfortable service before the beginning of the flight and upon its completion.

Private Point

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